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What is taking so long?

In the “Update on Infrastructure” post, we talked about how we needed to get disks that would adequately handle our performance needs and were designed for our hardware (i.e. “supported by the manufacturer”). Those arrived on Tuesday and we brought them to our data center straight away and built the new RAID array. Yesterday, as […]

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Update on infrastructure

As we talked about in Bad Disk == Bad Performance, we had a bad disk in a RAID array that was causing huge database access times, dragging the new Open Hub’s performance down and sometimes showing a “This website is under heavy load” error message.  We also talked about how we had a spare disk […]

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Bad Disk == Bad Performance

We found the root cause for the horrible performance of the Black Duck Open Hub. Our primary database has a disk in the failed state, which is causing massive degradation.  Queries that typically take 60 – 100 ms to execute are taking 2,000 to 3,000 ms and more.  The application server queue, which is typically under […]

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Transition Troubles

A number of folks have noticed that we have some issues with the transition from Ohloh to Open Hub.  We’re real sorry about that and are working on them. As far as we know, new repositories cannot be added at this time and the captcha for creating new forum posts is not working. Please let […]

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Ohloh Is Now The Black Duck Open Hub!

Ohloh has always been a hidden gem for Black Duck… not because developers don’t know about it (on the contrary, we’ve got over 500,000 user accounts!), but because few people associate it with Black Duck Software.  We’re very proud of the community and data we produce here, so we’ve decided to change the name to […]

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