Ohloh Is Now The Black Duck Open Hub!

OH_logoOhloh has always been a hidden gem for Black Duck… not because developers don’t know about it (on the contrary, we’ve got over 500,000 user accounts!), but because few people associate it with Black Duck Software.  We’re very proud of the community and data we produce here, so we’ve decided to change the name to Black Duck Open Hub, reflecting our vision that the site becomes a destination for developers to come together as a community in the open source ecosystem.  The new URL is openhub.net, will be live very soon, and we’ll be announcing some great new features.

About Peter Degen-Portnoy

Mars-One Round 3 Candidate. Engineer on the Open Hub development team at Black Duck Software. Family man, athlete, inventor
  • As a long time HUGE fan of Ohloh, this decision makes me sad. It always seems unfortunate to discard an established, respected brand. The Ohloh name is 8 years old (an eternity on the Internet) and it’s *the* place to go for statistics about your Open Source project. Yes, by all means, celebrate and promote the Black Duck connection, but I’m concerned that changing the name to something yet-another-open-something is going to lose the great work you’ve already done over the last 8 years building a name.

    Of course, just my $0.02. I still love your site, and I’ll try to remember the new name and continue to promote it as the place to go for Open Source stats.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rich. I agree entirely that it is unfortunate to loose the equity that has been built up in the Ohloh.net brand. We had many in-depth and respectful conversations here at Black Duck about the name change.

      We choose to go with the “Open Hub” so that our free and open service will be better aligned with our new product, the Black Duck Hub, which is in limited Beta release now. In the end, I fully agreed with my marketing colleagues that there would be greater value all around by connecting these two offerings.

      To help you with the transition, we’ll keep the ohloh.net domain pointing to openhub.net. 🙂

      Oh, and as a sneak-peek, we are talking about open sourcing more of our code so that we can have the Black Duck Open Hub running on the Ohloh application stack and share even more with the open source community. There are more folks to get on board with this idea, but it’s gotten a lot of good attention here at BDS so far.

      • Nick Yeates

        I spoke to your new CEO, Lou, about open sourcing the ohloh (now Open Hub) code. Its a superb idea. Even one of your internal employees (Bill) supports it, as he said that way it would be easier for him and others to report bugs and insert useful features. Additionally, it gives your company the benefit of interacting in an OSS community directly – giving the company and its employees a first-hand taste of open source interaction, and ethos. Best of luck!

      • msx

        Oh yeah, the ‘marketing colleagues’ strikes again.
        Scott Adams/Dilbert was right!

  • Bananeweizen

    Please put the TLD in your website graphics and text, e.g. “openhub.net” instead of just “openhub”. Several related domains are not owned by you, which makes it hard to find the website by just trying .com or .org.

  • Hi Peter!

    Congrats on the ever improving platform!

    There will be short term transition pain, but I think long term, it’s a good move. openhub.net is more descriptive, and easier not to mistype.

    Keep up the fantastic work that you & Black Duck are doing for the ecosystem!

    Best regards,

    M 😉

  • Adam DerMarderosian

    Great news Peter! Keep up the good work. You first got me excited about Ohloh and I cannot wait to see what is to come with Open Hub.

  • I just noticed that the SceneJS project is listed as “inactive” because OpenHub only monitors the “master” branch at GitHub. Meanwhile we’re committing to another branch in preparation for merge with “master” for another release, so the project is very much alive and kicking. As a metrics gathering site, OpenHub has a responsibility to not mislead people like this, please fix.

    • Hi Lindsay,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is something the early developers of Ohloh faced and with which they struggled. They decided that it was too complex and would result in too many copies of repositories to support changing the name of the branch that we monitor. We have some 26 TB of repositories that we track and monitor.

      You can see the details of how the Git adapater works in the Ohloh SCM library, which is open sourced at https://github.com/blackducksw/ohloh_scm.

      We’ll be looking forward to the updates to SceneJS and being able to reflect all the work that you and your cohorts have been doing on the project!

  • Nico

    I was randomly googling about open source and I runned into this site. Maybe your choice to change the name is not totally bad:-)

  • Off the topic… Any one has any idea when OpenHub will allow users to register and create a new account? Currently if you try to register it says: “Account creation is temporarily suspended” – https://www.openhub.net/sessions/new