August 22, 2014 Release

Hail Hubbites!  We released a small update today into production that adds some additional stability improvements.

We temporarily removed caching in some of the People pages so we can update that caching model to match the improvements we were able to get on the home page.  Removing the caching was necessary because the two models were incompatible and some of the People pages weren’t displaying.

We added a number of point fixes to the code to handle encoding issues that were also preventing pages from displaying.  These encoding issues are due to our current stack of Ruby 1.9, Rails 2.3 and PostgreSQL using SQL-ASCII encoding.  We have larger efforts planned to migrate the database to UTF-8 and get onto the latest Ruby and Rails.

Most of the recent work that we have been doing is not yet visible — it is part of the upcoming upgrade to the Organization feature. With this release, we will merge that new Organization feature into our master branch and start our final regression test cycle.

Last, but not at all least, the updated crawler infrastructure about which we spoke in the Upgrading Crawlers blog post has paid off quickly.  When we ran into DB troubles after the move from to, our crawlers fell behind in their processing and updates.  Last week, there were over 270,000 repositories that were scheduled for updates and the median analysis age was well over 2 weeks.  Today, there are just 36,000 repositories that are schedule for updates, which is getting close to normal levels, and the median analysis age is 5 days, again getting close to the normal level of 3 days for the median analysis age.  And all this is happening with about 1/3 the load on our database due to the increase performance we’re getting from the right hardware.

Thanks for sticking by us during this transition and for being members of the Open Source community!

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