Unveiling the Retooled Organization

The Organizations feature of the Black Duck Open Hub was moved out of Beta and into “Version 1.0” today.  We feel this is a major update to the Organization feature that we put into production in October, 2012.

Organizations on the Open Hub had been only Commercial, Non-Profit, Government and Educational groups that support and promote open source by having projects on the Open Hub they can claim.  We have expanded upon the concept of an organization to show all entities to which an account holder has claimed an affiliation.  This is part because we wanted to make one’s affiliation a first level citizen and part to help organizations show the account holders who are affiliated with that organization.

With this update, an organization has the set of open source projects it has claimed — it’s Portfolio Projects and those account holders who have affiliated themselves with the organization — it’s Affiliated Committers.  Since projects may have contributions from folks not affiliated with the claiming organization, we are also showing those Outside Committers.  Finally, Affiliated Committers may also work on projects that are not claimed by the organization, so we also show those Outside Projects.

Let’s start by looking at the new Organization landing page. The new landing page, available at the Organization page, shows four blocks of information:

Organization Landing Page

  1. The Most Active Orgs on the Open Hub as measured by the number of Commits per Affiliate over the past 30 days.
  2. The top Orgs by 30 Day Commit Volume.  This is the total number of commits made in the last 30 days.  Of course, this will favor larger organizations, so we’ve added some filters.  You can look at organizations by their rough size — small, medium and large — as determined by the number of projects they manage, or by their type — commercial, non-profit, education or government
  3. We show the newest organizations on the Open Hub to help welcome them to the fold!
  4. The Stats by Sector shows those four sectors – commercial, non-profit, education and government — along with the average commits by affiliate and the count of the organizations in those sectors on the Open Hub.

For each individual organization, we illustrate the details of their Contributors and Projects, both Affiliated and Outside in their home pages with our new Infographic, pictured below:

Infographic for Apache Software FoundationIn addition to the four elements we talked about, Outside Committers, Portfolio Projects, Affiliated Committers and Outside Projects, the infographic shows the relative volumes between them.  The arrows and text blocks illustrate and describe the rough proportion and concrete numbers of commits by whom and on how many projects so you can see both the big picture and get the fine details.

Apache Org Home Page

Click on any of the headings and we will load the top detail chart for that heading.  If there are more records than can be displayed on the home page, there is a “See all XX Portfolio Projects” at the bottom of the chart that will take you to a paginated view of that table.

We even update the URL when you click on different views so that you can send that URL around as you please and be confident your recipients will land on the same page.

Oh, and there also a convenient “print graphic” link that opens into a new window so you can take the graphic with you and use it as you please (you know, in keeping with the Terms of Use).

We have additional update and improvements planned for these pages, but wanted to get these updates out to you.  We thank everyone and all organizations who have been part of our Beta program and have contributed their thoughts and requests.  We hope this release of the Black Duck Open Hub Organization feature meets those requests and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this new presentation.


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