Open Hub Offline This Weekend

We will be taking the Open Hub offline early Saturday morning, East Coast US time, for maintenance.  All functionality will be suspended.

The maintenance work should be complete within 24 hours, at which point the site will be restored.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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  • How about linking to this from the error page up on Waited 24 hours based on the info on that page, returned, and found everything still down with no update. Crisis communication could be better.

    Hope your not exhausting yourselves with the weekend maintenance work. Doesn’t sound any fun. 🙂

    • Could always be worse, Daniel, :-D. The site seems to be performing better and there are a few more things we are doing in the short term. Thanks for your support. The next time we take the site offline, we’ll put the link to the explanation in the page — that’s a great idea! Thanks!

  • Daniel

    I just wondering why some projects are regularly updated but others are behind about 5 month. Is there any rule why some projects are preferred but others ignored completely?

    • HI Daniel;

      No, there is no prioritization. All projects are treated equally. We are simply behind in processing the updates and are working hard to make the database more responsive so that we can close the gap.

  • scamglob7

    Jason Holleman member of the Nashville Metro Council

  • The web site is down today… unplanned outage?

    • Hi Andrea; It does look like the site became unresponsive for a few minutes around 4:35 AM EST. There doesn’t seem to be any lingering effects. Please let us know if you experience any difficulties.

      • Yep, the site is up know, certain parts are still unresposive though, for example,

        • Yes, the contributors summary pages are particularly problematic. We have work scheduled for later this year to re-architect the data so that these elements are immediately available for display instead of requiring the expensive multi-table join that is currently being performed. Sorry that these pages are timing out. We’ll do more maintenance this weekend (and should be able to keep the site up) to try and improve things some more.

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