This is not the post I want to write

We are still in the beginnings of 2016. I’ve gathered my notes from 2015 and created a quick summary in our Confluence project to remind ourselves through posterity of what we accomplished last year and how it related to the things we wanted to accomplish. I have my notes and thoughts about what we can do in 2016 and am looking forward to sharing these ideas and beginning the conversations that will help us grow these ideas into compelling features.

But there is something that must be said and it isn’t easy.

Pugalraj InbasekaranThis was Pugalraj Inbasekaran. He died last Thursday, February 4, 2016. Pugal was a beautiful person. I had the opportunity of spending three weeks working with my remote team in Chennai — all of them are wonderful people — and got to know Pugal face to face.

I saw how he was quick to smile, how he would bend his head and confer with his colleagues, how there would be a gentle hand on a shoulder as part of the conversation.

Pugal's Family

Pugal provided quality assurance testing and automation testing for our team and had been part of the team since December 2014.

He was participating in a funerary rite — the scattering of ashes — for his recently departed grandfather when he got caught up in some rapidly moving water and drowned. He leaves behind his parents, a wife and an infant son, and a cadre of friends and colleagues.

It’s terrible when we lose someone. Somehow, the loss of a young person at the start of a new phase of their life feels to me worse. It stirs up fears in me about my own children, my own family, my own friends. It also reminds us how fragile life is and that every day is really a gift.

We all miss him terribly and extend our thoughts, love, wishes, and support to his family.

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