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With the achievement of Making Our Back End Screamingly Fast, we are shifting the focus of our little team to more UI features.

To learn more about you, our user community, we are asking for a few minutes of your time to fill out a brief survey.

We opened the survey only a few days ago and already have a few dozen responses. So, we’re thinking that we’ll leave it open for a few months, then close it and write all about it.

Please fill out the survey and ask your friends and colleagues to do so as well. The link is available from every page on the Open Hub.


About Peter Degen-Portnoy

Mars-One Round 3 Candidate. Engineer on the Open Hub development team at Black Duck Software. Family man, athlete, inventor
  • Barry Smith

    This could be a useful tool but the data is often so out of date as to make the tool less than useless. Why aren’t all packages data updated regularly? For example PETSc has not been updated in from 4 to 7 months which ruins any use this tool has to me.

    • Hi Barry;

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I supposed I should have mentioned that every 3 days we are updating over 68% of over 430,000 projects that have had a successful analysis in the past.

      We know that some 20,000 of those projects are Codeplex-based repositories that just are really tough to update, what with Codeplex going to read-only mode in October and shutting down in December.

      So we think it’s more realistic to view that percentage at almost 80%.

      We’re working hard to hunt down those projects that have managed to elude us so far, and getting feedback from our users, like you, is critical for us to discover important projects that don’t have a fresh update.

      I scheduled a fresh fetch for the PETSc project and right now, some few hours later, the back end is performing Single Line Of Code counting. You can see the status right on the Enlistment page: https://openhub.net/p/petsc/enlistments

      I’ll continue to monitor the jobs to make sure the Analysis completes as well.

      • The analysis for PETSc has successfully completed: https://openhub.net/p/petsc

        • Barry Smith

          Thanks. Great. PETSc is just a regular old package so it would be good to figure out why it doesn’t get updated automatically regularly.

          • There was a CompleteJob in a failed state because it could not fast-forward the repository. This isn’t a failure condition that will be resolved with the automated retry behavior built into the system.

            The failure is logged and cataloged. When we compete this process of getting over 95% of the Code Locations and Projects back into good status, we can use the failure logging reports to more quickly find these types of failures and address them proactively.

          • Barry Smith

            Great, thanks!

        • Michał Walenciak

          Hi Peter, it seems there are more stucked projects:

          Btw you said that in one of the projects the problem was caused by impossible fast forward. Would it be an option to always reset –hard? (for git repos).

          • Hi Michał;

            Thanks for the reminder about the forums; yes, we can do better responding there.

            We use the Ohloh SCM OSS library (https://github.com/blackducksoftware/ohloh_scm) for managing the interfaces to the different supported SCMs. We know this library needs a major over-haul and can certainly consider adding such an option to the library in the future.

            For now, re-fetching the code, which creates a new local copy, often seems to address the issue.

            Thanks for pointing out this option!