About Project Activity Icons

Project activity icons are intended to be an easy way to understand project activity at a glance.

Explanation of Icons

Open Hub calculates which activity icon to show based on a combination of contributor count and commit count, with more weight placed on contributors. These two metrics are combined so that recent activity is much more heavily weighted, i.e., a contribution this past month is far more important in determining activity level than a contribution a year ago. Projects that have a steady level of recent commits from a number of different contributors will display higher activity level icons than projects with few contributors or a single contributor, or with gaps in effort or no recent commits.

Projects that have had no activity in the past two years will show as inactive. Projects less than a year old, based on their first commit date, will show as new. Finally, because Open Hub is weighting recent contributions more heavily, projects that do not have recent analysis because of problems with their code locations or other problems blocking Open Hub from collecting and analyzing code will show the Not Available icon. If you work on a project, please consider updating project code locations to be correct when you see the question mark activity icon!

How to Interpret Project Activity Icons

Activity level is relative to all projects on Open Hub. Only a small percentage of projects on Open Hub will display the Very High icon. Many important, highly regarded and popular projects may show lower activity levels, and this is just one of many tools Open Hub provides for evaluating projects and communities. Remember – the world of FOSS is made up of a huge number of projects and a vast code commons, but only a small fraction of that legacy of code is under active development. This is to be expected! Code that is not under current development has value, and may be just what you’re looking for, but this indicator can help you understand whether a particular project has community traction for updates and enhancements, or not.

As we gain more experience, get more feedback, and add additional data sources and metrics to Open Hub, this feature may change to reflect more complete data than just commits and contributors.