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New Open Source Directory

Woke up to interesting news today: GigaOm launched a new open source directory called OStatic. I took a look around the site and found it interesting. It’s definitely a great initial launch for a website – very polished for a 1.0 release. Congrats! While they are appear to be a mix of a blog and […]

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The Cleanup

We made a big change to our site’s UI last week. Now that the dust has settled, I’d like to take some time to describe the “what” and the “why”‘s behind this change. A little background Although we launched 1.5 years ago, our codebase is almost 2 years old. When we began this effort, we […]

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Friday Madness

First, I’d like to apologize for our flaky uptime this last Friday. We have a major web update we are trying to release and unfortunately we ran into a series of challenges that prevented us from releasing it. We’ve had to rollback for now. We’ll focus on the performance issues and get this out asap. […]

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A Nice Problem To Have

We’ve been busy cooking up a big update to Ohloh. In fact, we were going to deploy it today. However, that would have been a bad idea. You see, our servers are currently busy being slashdotted. Once this quiets down, we’ll release.

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More Project Widgets

We just released more project widgets. Here’s an example for Firefox. Feel free to embed to your heart’s content. We’ll likely focus on account-related widgets next. We’re thinking of widgets that show your stack, for example. More suggestions are always welcome.

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Google Ads on Ohloh

We’re running an experiment to see how much money Google ads would generate for Ohloh. We’ll run them for a week or two and then decide whether to continue. This is a somewhat touchy issue – help us get it right. Leave us feedback on how you feel about it.

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New Service Idea

We’re in the midst of designing a new ohloh service. We’d like to discuss it with some qualified people. If you run a moderately-sized open source project, I’d like to chat with you about it (email or phone). Contact me directly at jason@ohloh.net. Thanks!

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An Ohloh API is coming

One of the most difficult challenges of running Ohloh is deciding which, among the plethora of great ideas, to implement next. You (our community) are continually suggesting very interesting ideas – as well as requesting reasonable bug fixes. With our current resources, I figure we could spend the next year just working on the stuff […]

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Social Networking is NotWorking

As a coder by profession, I think I’m not alone when I say that I don’t see the appeal in using most social networks. They require lots of input (who are you? what do you do? where do you work? what do you like? who are your friends? don’t you have more friends – please […]

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Ohloh Interviews Stefan Küng

Stefan Küng is one of Ohloh’s top kudo’d open source contributors. He is the driving force behind TortoiseSVN – a wildly successful Subversion GUI. We thought it’d be interesting to learn a little more about him and his open source work. We reached him where he lives, in Altstätten, Switzerland How did you get started […]

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