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New Home Page

As you can see, we’ve redesigned our home page. We hope this one provides a better glimpse into what is going on here at Ohloh. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

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New Feature: missing repositories.

I was shamed into writing a new feature today. Someone asked me why we didn’t have reports available for sendmail and eMule. The underlying reason is that these projects don’t appear to offer public access to their source code repositories. However, instead of disclosing this fact intelligently, Ohloh simply showed a blank report. I’ve now […]

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Wei?d Characters

I’m a little sheepish to admit that we had a really dumb bug in Ohloh. We had omitted to set the character-set in our html. The mechanics are mostly boring , but it simply meant that most non-english users had to suffer with strange characters in their names or posts. So why am I publicly […]

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Code Search?

We added ‘suggest a feature’ last week . It’s an anonymous web form to suggest features to Ohloh. The response has been great – many to thank to all who’ve contributed ideas. I noticed some of the suggestions are requests for features Ohloh already supports. While it’s slightly frustrating to read, I very much appreciate […]

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My latest kudo explained

I just checked in the new Experience feature tonight (Ohloh now enables people to fill out their software development profile in a much richer way than before). To make sure the deployment went smoothly I snooped the database to watch for the first users to use the new functionality. The dubious honour of being the […]

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The problem with FastCGI…

Almost anyone I know who’s deployed a rails app has, at some point, cursed at the mysteries that lie behind FastCGI. Once it’s setup properly it works very well, but debugging the interim steps is a painful rite of passage for rails developers. It’s not so much that any aspect is too tricky – it […]

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New Site Design

We’ve updated the Ohloh site with a newer, fresher design. Beyond improving the aesthetics, we are hoping to make things easier to discover and navigate. Some links have moved around (and a few have disappeared). Highlights of the new design include: No more tiny fonts Related projects are listed on a project page Less visual […]

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New Feature: Stack It!

We’ve introduced a new community feature called “Stack It!” which allows you to browse the open source software actually used by Ohloh visitors. Each Ohloh member has a software stack to maintain. You can add any project to your software stack, and visitors to Ohloh will know that you use that software. We’re excited about […]

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Frequent Ohloh users will already notice a big change: bigger, more blatant ads. Implementing more ads has been on our todo list for a while, but I kept putting it of – until now. Our beta frontend had a lot more ads and we got some feedback that some of them were too subtle – […]

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Badge Prototype

[Note: This has now shipped] We’ve received requests for an Ohloh “badge” for people to host on their site. Something that would let projects show some very basic stats about their project yet small enough to not take up too much space/bandwidth. I’ve come up with a prototype: This example contains made-up numbers. It basically […]

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