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Open Hub offline for maintenance

Hey Hubbites; the Open Hub will be offline on Thursday, August 27, 2015 from 8 PM EST.  We expect the maintenance window will be 6 hours and the site will be back online by Friday, August 28, 2015 at 2 AM EST. The maintenance work is on our network infrastructure. Thanks for your patience and […]

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New Accounts are Back. But so are the spammers.

New account creation is once again available on the Open Hub.  You may have already been asked for your SMS capable device when logging back into the Open Hub.  This marks a few milestones. Of course, re-enabling new account creation is a big one. We shut off new account creation back around April and have […]

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API not working? Get a new key!

The new Ohloh UI has been released and we are running 100% on the new code.  As mentioned in Upcoming: Moving to OAuth 2, everyone needs new API keys because we have switched our OAuth version from 1.0a to 2.0 and the two are incompatible.  Therefore, f you are getting “You do not have permission to perform […]

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New UI, New Account Creation Mechanism, Project Updates

Hail Fellow Open Hubbarians!  You have been marvelously patient, for which we are eternally grateful, as we have been cleanly implementing the Ohloh UI in a new code base on the latest production versions of Ruby and Rails.  Here is how events transpired over the past half year: We first talked about Project PURR in […]

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Upcoming: Moving to OAuth 2

With the upcoming completion and release of Project PURR, we are announcing that we will move away from OAuth 1.0 and move to OAuth 2.0. For context, OAuth is an open protocol that permits third party applications and websites to use your login credentials without you having to reveal those credentials to the third parties. […]

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Open Hub Offline This Weekend

We will be taking the Open Hub offline early Saturday morning, East Coast US time, for maintenance.  All functionality will be suspended. The maintenance work should be complete within 24 hours, at which point the site will be restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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Automated clean-up is cleaning up automatically

Hi Folks; We found something that was causing a problem over the past few months and fixed it. The problem was that some of our automated clean-up jobs were not completed.  The job was running, which is why we weren’t getting any failure notifications, but then it would quietly die and the death was undetected. […]

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Update: New Account Creation, PURR, and Project Analyses

Hi Folks; Hope you’re having a great 2015. Just past the first quarter and we’re cooking with gas at Open Hub Land. The biggest news is that, as we talked about in February, we shut off new account creation. If you want an account, please contact us at info@openhub.net and we can manually create one […]

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Oh dear, we’ve built a spammers heaven

I was horrified while working on the Open Hub when all of a sudden I couldn’t get to the site.  I couldn’t get to any of the servers, nor could I get the site to render. I was working at home and VPN’d into the office, so I started checking other site.  NPR.org; nope.  Facebook; […]

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Progress report: Catching up on outdated analyses

Hi Folks, here is an update on what we’ve been working on and where things stand. The development team is working on Platform Upgrade: Ruby and Rails (Project PURR) (which we mentioned in the last post) and the project is going very well. We are about 1/3 through the project and on target for an […]

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