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I’m the Principal and Founder of RSands Consulting, a developer/FOSS strategy, product management, and marketing consultancy. Formerly Ohloh’s PM, Black Duck is now a client of mine.

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Ohloh the Beautiful

A patriotic sing-along for U.S. Independence Day!

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Join us at OSCON! FOSS by the Numbers Hack-a-thon

Going to OSCON? Passionate about data? Then you’ll enjoy our BoF, co-hosted by Rich Sands, Product Manager of Ohloh, and Donnie Berkholz, resident data nerd at RedMonk. See you there!

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Deprecating Ohloh’s License Discovery Feature

We’re simplifying how Ohloh displays project licenses. We’re keeping and emphasizing declared licenses. We’re removing discovered licenses. Please check your projects’ declared licenses to make sure they’re correct!

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Tag – You’re It! The Sequel…

Based on feedback and an analysis of tag counts, we’ve decided to increase the number of allowed tags per project to 20, up from 13 in our initial plan. Thanks for the comments!

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Notice June-15-2012: Site is Read-Only

We’re seeing some suspicious activity on the site so we’ve made it read-only for now. Sorry for the inconvenience – we’re working to solve this as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience!

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Project Management Insights: An Interview with Red Hat’s Dan Allen

EclipseCon 2012: Ohloh’s Rich Sands interviews Dan Allen of Red Hat about the Arquillian project. Dan uses Ohloh, along with other analytics tools, to help him better understand his community, attract new contributors, and gauge the success of outreach efforts including event attendance and hackathons. Learn some of the tricks of the trade in using Ohloh […]

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Sprint 35 Deployment (24 May 2012)

In this deployment: Wholesale conversion of the Ohloh site to a new web framework – Twitter Boostrap. See Jared Barboza’s post Ohloh Is Getting Bootstrapped for details. Bug fixes. Search performance enhancements.

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Tag – You’re It!

Tagging on Ohloh has long been less than ideal. Here’s a proposal on how to fix it. Let us know what you think!

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Sprint 34 Deployment (3 May 2012)

In this deployment: Bug fixes. Can now sort project search results by number of current committers. This is total unique committers over the past 12 months.

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Sprint 33 Deployment (16 April 2012)

In this deployment: Bug fixes.

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