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Ohloh Classifieds

A few weeks ago we quietly launched Ohloh classifieds. The goal was to be able to make a little money for ourselves (we gotta eat) and to help folks make a little money from their open source efforts. We have two categories of classifieds: -Services: If you provide services for an open source project or […]

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Privacy and KudoRank

I’ve been engaged in an interesting discussion on another blog. Initially there was an assertion that Ohloh violates FOSS developers’ privacy. I (and others) responded with the following basic arguments: 1. Transparency is one of the strengths of FOSS. 2. This is publicly available information that people publish freely on the Internet. 2. If you […]

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Steady Progress Towards the Right Answer

I admit to being amazed when I take a peek at Alexa and compare our pageviews with other web sites that focus on open source software. To be sure we are nowhere near SourceForge, the grandaddy of all open source sites, but we are fast approaching or have surpassed the pageviews of FreshMeat, OSDir and […]

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Ohloh Partners with CollabNet

We announced a partnership with CollabNet this morning. We’re making our metrics available to visitors to the various forges CollabNet hosts. So now when you visit OpenCollabNet or Tigris you can see Ohloh metrics on those forges, like this entry for Subversion. Over the coming weeks you’ll see Ohloh metrics on other forges hosted by […]

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Evaluating Open Source and New Ohloh Feature

I read this post by Seth Gottlieb. Just came across it today. Seth addresses how folks can evaluate open source communities. According to him, one can look at general activity, bug lists, leadership, execution, participation and an economic ecosystem. At first glance that all seems to make sense, especially to a guy who has been […]

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New Open Source Services Coming Online

I read this post on Matt Asay’s Blog this weekend on a new company called SourceKibitzer that collects metrics on about 60 popular open source projects written in Java. This is great news for open source users, as there appears to be more services coming online that aim to make it easier for open source […]

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We Listened to You and Made Some Changes

We’ve thought about the feedback we’ve received over the last few weeks and have made some changes to our service that will hopefully make it easier for folks to navigate the site, add projects to the site, edit projects on the site and receive notifications about projects. We have also added forums so that we […]

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David Wheeler Response

I was forwarded a link to David Wheeler’s blog recently (link). David Wheeler is a prolific writer (software and prose) with a lot of experience in the Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) space. In his blog he gives us a fairly positive review and I was happy to see that he found our site generally […]

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One of the main observations that folks make about open source software is that they are amazed at the transparency users have into open source development. One can go to Ohloh and see a lot of information about development activity on open source projects. The Firefox and Mozilla Core projects have well over 100 active […]

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A Few Stats of Interest

We love Google analytics. It’s lets you find out so much about who visits your site, what they look at, what got them to come to your site, what browser they’re using and so much more. So here are some interesting stats for the last two weeks of July: -heise.de, a German news aggregation and […]

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