Sprint 13 Deployment (17 Jun 2011)

We’ve added two new features browsing projects by tags. See https://www.ohloh.net/tags selecting which projects to compare from the project directory. See project directory to check out. Read full blog post for more information

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Browse Projects by Tags and Compare Projects from project directory

In our latest deployment of Ohloh, we’ve added two new features: browsing projects by tags and selecting which projects to compare in the project directory. Browse by Tags On the project directory, there’s the option to go to the tag cloud to view the top 100 most used tags. You can click on a tag, […]

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Sprint 12 Deployment (20 May 2011)

Added new project pages and charting tools. See blog post for charts.

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Sprint 11 Deployment (2 May 2011)

Created the new Project Comparison tool and updated the tools page to have a better look and feel. Read more at on the blog post Added more tools for mitigating spam. User-reported bugs fixed: Fixed a negative line count for a project https://www.ohloh.net/forums/10/topics/6478

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Sprint 10 Deployment (14 Apr 2011)

This sprint was spent on bug fixes and internal infrastructure work. User-reported bugs fixed: Accepted the pull request to add NSIS parser to Ohcount project. https://www.ohloh.net/forums/3493/topics/5624 “I am this user” wasn’t working in certain situations https://www.ohloh.net/forums/10/topics/5447

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New Project Charts and New Project Homepages

In our latest deployment of Ohloh, we’ve updated the project homepages to be more data-centric and have added a new charting tool to get more insights into a project. New Project Charts On the new project homepages, you’ll now notice a “Code Analysis” section containing the new chart. With the new chart, you can – […]

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New Feature: Compare Projects

We’re excited to announce our next major feature enhancement to Ohloh. In this deployment, you can now compare projects in a detailed side-by-side view, giving you the information you need to decide which open source project is right for your needs. Compare Projects The new compare projects feature is found at Tools – Compare Projects. […]

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Ohloh Downtime Notification for Tuesday evening, April 12

We need to perform some database maintenance which will require taking the site offline. We will take Ohloh offline starting Tuesday, April 12, at 10pm EDT. We expect the site to be back up Wednesday early morning EDT. We appreciate your support and patience.

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Updated Search Results, Report Duplicate Projects, and Performance Improvements

Today’s blog post is a recap of the work we’ve done for Sprints 7, 8 and 9, covering the past 6 weeks since my last blog post. If you want to stay up-to-date what we’re doing each Sprint as it happens, check out the Ohloh releases page. Updated Search Results We’ve made some changes to […]

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Sprint 9 Deployment (31 Mar 2011)

In this deployment, we address many UI issues while focusing on improving the number of jobs we’re able to run each day. Updated search results: Search results now show lines of code and number of users, among some other UI tweaks. Default search for projects: We’ve removed the “all” search and default to projects, making […]

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