Project Security

Hi Everyone! As we talked about in our post on the Open Hub in 2016,  we are adding even more project security information to Open Hub projects. Not only this, but the project pages have also been widened! All new pages added to the Open Hub will be take up the entire screen width and other […]

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Update: We’re doing it!

Back-End Background Here’s a quick summary of the issue about which we will be talking: In mid-June, we moved off our bare-metal back-end crawlers into a virtualized environment. There were reasonable drivers and pressures pushing us to do this quickly and we found, about two weeks after the irreversible migration, that there were fundamental problems with the […]

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We’re doing it!

It’s happening!  We’ve started clean fetches of ALL of our repositories using the new SAN! For background, please see the Details on the Infrastructure blog post. We currently have 497K projects that have 592K distinct repositories that we are going to reprocess from scratch. To do this, we cleared out all the old jobs that have not […]

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Details on the Infrastructure

In the blog post, Stepping Forward and Back, we mentioned that “we found additional complications with our new back end infrastructure.” We’d like to give you some more details about these complications. We are referring to an NFS mounted system with enough storage for all 592,000 distinct repositories we track on the Open Hub.  Without […]

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Stepping Forward and Back

Today we have some good news and some less good news. On the positive side, we have pushed a number of fixes and improvements into production recently. One is that we have added a new “Add New Project” button to the Explore Projects page and changed the link at at the bottom of the page to […]

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Hey, Hey, Hey; What’s Happening Today?

Hail Hubbites! As we talked about in our Open Hub in 2016 post, we have recently made a major step forward in addressing significant infrastructure concerns. Down in the “More Infrastructure” section, we mentioned, “So we started an effort to virtualize our crawlers and are pilot testing that work now.” The FISbot servers are now […]

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Open Hub in 2016

Hail Hubbites! There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes at Open Hub Central with a steady stream of improvements rolling into production. We’d like to brag talk about them and also tell you what we have coming up in 2016. 2015 In Quick Review Project PURR (Platform Upgrade Ruby and Rails) — we […]

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This is not the post I want to write

We are still in the beginnings of 2016. I’ve gathered my notes from 2015 and created a quick summary in our Confluence project to remind ourselves through posterity of what we accomplished last year and how it related to the things we wanted to accomplish. I have my notes and thoughts about what we can […]

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We’re a bit behind

We’ve had a number of questions about why project analyses have gotten so far out of date. As mentioned in the last blog post, we upgraded PostgreSQL from 9.2 to 9.4, which caused some significant degradation of performance.  Not because of any problem with PostgreSQL 9.4!  Not at all.  The upgrade process performs a series […]

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GitHub, Performance, and Crawlers (Oh My!)

GitHub We are very pleased to announce that new and existing users can verify their accounts with their GitHub login as an alternative to using their SMS number.  Many thanks to all those Open Hubbites who contacted us to let us know their concerns and preferences surrounding SMS validation.  We would like to note that […]

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