Ohloh – 2012 in Review

The beginning of the year provides a great opportunity to acknowledge the terrific work done by the Ohloh team in 2012.  Here’s a recap of the accomplishments: Introduced Ohloh “Organizations”, allowing the grouping of FOSS projects by the entity that fosters them, and aggregating project statistics for those organizations across multiple projects Today, 24 foundations […]

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A Beehive of Activity

Last April I gave a talk at the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit, talking about some interesting stats and metrics from Ohloh about project activity. Not surprisingly, FOSS activity follows the Pareto principle – most of the effort is focused on a small number of the projects out there. So how do you know which projects […]

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Release 18 January 2013

In this release: New Project Activity Icons – see how active a project’s developer community is at a glance. Blog post: http://blog.openhub.net/2013/01/a-beehive-of-activity/ New Orange-O Ohloh branding for widgets. Example: https://www.ohloh.net/p/firebug/widgets Bug fixes, performance improvements.

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Release 3 January 2013

Happy New Year! In this release: Accepted several community pull requests for ohcount – the Ohloh line counter and open source project that parses source files for language line counts. Added .json as an extension mapped to JavaScript language. This was posted in error previously. JSON is used primarily as a serialization format and because of […]

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Release 13 December 2012

In this release: New top header for the site, including a link to “Code” – taking you to the front page of Ohloh Code code search. Bug fixes. Performance improvements. NOTE: We’re starting to name releases by their deployment date, rather than by our internal Scrum numbering, starting with this one.

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Sprint 46 Deployment (19 November 2012)

In this deployment: Improved Page Titles in search engine search results. Social media “share” buttons on Compare Projects and Tag Search results. New captcha (ReCaptcha) Bug fixes. Performance enhancements.

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Adoption Metrics and Ohloh

Got some ideas on adoption metrics? We’d like to know! Comments, please!

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Redmonk uses Ohloh data to report on centralized vs. decentralized version control usage

Stephen O’Grady from Redmonk posted an interesting blog post recently where he used Ohloh data for predictive analysis of centralized vs. decentralized version control systems (DVCS). His report highlights the aggressive adoption of Git as a key indicator in a trend to move toward DVCS.

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Introducing Ohloh Organizations: A New View On FOSS

Organizations have long been a part of the FOSS landscape. But there has been no consistent, comparable way to roll up project activity to get a view of an entire organization’s impact on FOSS. Until now.

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Video: Ohloh Code Intro

Great intro to Ohloh Code by Cody Stebbins.

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