April 2, 2014 — New Deploy with new Claim Commits workflow

We are bursting to announce a new deploy today with a major upgrade to Ohloh! We have heard that it is really annoying that the People search results page shows account holders and unclaimed committer IDs mixed together, which makes things harder to find what you’re looking for — either an account holder on Ohloh or an […]

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Release 6 February 2013

In this release: Added Project Activity Icons to Organizations -> Claim Projects. Improved usability of the duplicate project reporting feature. Bug fixes, performance improvements.

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Release 18 January 2013

In this release: New Project Activity Icons – see how active a project’s developer community is at a glance. Blog post: http://blog.openhub.net/2013/01/a-beehive-of-activity/ New Orange-O Ohloh branding for widgets. Example: https://www.ohloh.net/p/firebug/widgets Bug fixes, performance improvements.

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Release 3 January 2013

Happy New Year! In this release: Accepted several community pull requests for ohcount – the Ohloh line counter and open source project that parses source files for language line counts. Added .json as an extension mapped to JavaScript language. This was posted in error previously. JSON is used primarily as a serialization format and because of […]

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Release 13 December 2012

In this release: New top header for the site, including a link to “Code” – taking you to the front page of Ohloh Code code search. Bug fixes. Performance improvements. NOTE: We’re starting to name releases by their deployment date, rather than by our internal Scrum numbering, starting with this one.

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Sprint 46 Deployment (19 November 2012)

In this deployment: Improved Page Titles in search engine search results. Social media “share” buttons on Compare Projects and Tag Search results. New captcha (ReCaptcha) Bug fixes. Performance enhancements.

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Sprints 43-44-45a Deployment (23 October 2012)

In this deployment: Ohloh Organizations feature. Bug fixes. Performance improvements.

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Sprint 42 Deployment (25 September 2012)

In this release: They’re back! The home page now shows rotating total stats for all of Ohloh at the bottom of the blue search box. Projects, LOC, contributors, repositories. Three new embeddable widgets for Ohloh Code: Search code within a project, Browse code within a project, and Search all Ohloh Code projects. Want to let […]

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Sprint 41 Deployment (10 September 2012)

In this release: API improvements: Accounts now returns the account description field, and also allows access to an account’s claimed positions. See the new documentation page for Positions for more detail. Accounts may now have up to 10 API keys. Removed “large commits” news items as Ohloh’s line-counting method for deciding what is a large […]

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Sprint 40 Deployment (23 August 2012)

In this release: Graphs now show the current month’s incomplete data as a point, rather than a segment, to emphasize that the current month’s data cannot be put into the trend line of a graph. A long-requested improvement! Added all-time commit count column to contributor list pages on projects. Updated wording of factoid text to […]

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