A developer on my project uses more than one name. Can I combine the statistics?

Yes. If some developers on a project have used different name spellings in the source control system, you can combine these names together using contributor aliases. To create aliases,

  • Open the “Edit” tab of the project page, and click the “Aliases” sub-menu. This might take you to https://www.ohloh.net/projects/3692/aliases if your project were 3692.
  • Click the “add a new alias” button.
  • Pick a name you previously used from the first drop-down, then choose the name you prefer from the second drop-down (the one you already claimed most likely).

If you have more than 2 contributions, you may need to repeat this.

A contributor alias applies to all of the repositories in a single project. This feature cannot be used to combine statistics from more than one project.

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