Aren’t such restrictions in conflict with the CC-BY copyright license?

No, the CC-BY is a copyright license granting rights to the content on Open Hub. The Terms of Use and API Agreements are contracts governing people’s use of the site and API.

CC-BY does not limit use at all. And we felt we needed this very open copyright license to deliver all the freedoms that the FOSS ecosystem expects. At the same time, we felt that we should try to avoid fragmenting the data and the resulting confusion as to its source and quality. We can’t restrict how someone can use the data, without creating a conflict with CC-BY, nor do we want to. But we can control what someone using our site and API may do.

Our Terms of Use and API Agreement require that when you’re using our computers to access this data, you do it in a way that maintains its integrity. It isn’t a perfect solution, but we’d rather put this storehouse of FOSS intelligence in the hands of the community even with the potential risks of fragmentation. We’re hoping that the community will recognize the value of maintaining a singular source and focus for developers to contribute to and aggregate this metadata. We believe this is a workable compromise, balancing a very open copyright license with additional terms that protect the data, and the quality and brand promise of the Open Hub trademark.

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