Why are there any restrictions on use of the site and API?

This is where we believe we’re breaking some new ground. Open Hub gains its value to the FOSS community by:

  • Establishing a cross-FOSS site and database where everyone can work together to crowdsource new metadata about projects.
  • Providing consistently collected data and analysis to compare projects, people, and organizations.
  • Compiling useful metrics to help the FOSS world know better how to create more community, more code.
  • Acting as a neutral 3rd party without an “axe to grind” on statistics and analysis.

There is a common theme here: the data is much more valuable to the FOSS community if it is trustworthy, in one place, and consistent. Source code is different from data – it can be independently tested to validate what it does or does not do, and an individual component’s value is independently evident. Data can’t be validated this way, and its value comes from its aggregation with other similar data and its integrity. Our challenge is in licensing the data as broadly as possible, while doing everything we can to protect its integrity.

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