Project Managers FAQ

Who should register as a project manager on Open Hub?

Project managers on Open Hub should also manage the project outside of Open Hub. So the Open Hub project managers should have a role like lead developer, release manager, or founder. The project leader might ask someone else to manage the project at Open Hub and naturally, that’s okay.

How does a project manager limit editing of the project?

Project managers may make all the remaining project edits available only to project managers. This is possible by using the project’s permissions page. A link to this page will be available to managers on the left navigation tab of a project page.

I’m a project leader for a project on Open Hub. Do I have to register as a manager?

No. But if you want to disable project edits at some point in the future, it might be a good idea to do so.

Is it encouraged to lock down a project so only managers can edit?

No. For most projects, letting the entire Open Hub community, which likely contains some users and maybe even contributors to a project, contribute edits on Open Hub helps to ensure that the project description and links are up-to-date.

I’ve been maintaining projects on Open Hub – do I have to register as a manager to continue?

No. Everything you’ve been doing will still work. The only exception would be if a manager turns off edits but we suspect this will be rare.