Java/J2EE Expert Needed For A Short Chat

The good folks behind this website are in somewhat of a pickle. We need to get a J2EE expert (well, experienced person)’s professional advice. Can you help? Get in touch w/ us: IRC: in the #ohloh channel. GTalk/Jabber: Mail: What do you get out of it? Hmm… beyond satisfaction for a job […]

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Unexpected Outage

Our website suffered unplanned downtime from 1am to 10am this morning (PDT). The web growth we’ve seen lately came back to haunt us: our servers drew too much power and caused a circuit breaker to blow. We’ve reconfigured our power circuits to address this appropriately. Hardware failure aside, the real embarrassment for Ohloh is how […]

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Research: Effects of Gender Socialization on Females in Open Source

Consider helping out on this interesting research topic by filling out a short questionnaire.

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Announcing Bazaar Support Beta

We’re pleased to announce that Ohloh now supports Bazaar repository tracking. Kudos are due to Michael Adam for his effort in writing much of the new code for this feature, and also to Jelmer Vernooij for lending his expertise in solving various problems. If you discover any unexpected results, please don’t hesitate to contact us […]

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Introducing Mercurial Support Beta

We’re pleased to announce that project tracking for Mercurial repositories is now available in a limited beta trial. We invite you to submit small Mercurial repositories to Ohloh, and to please contact us with any problems you encounter. Keep in mind the following: There’s no support for branching yet. For now, we process only the […]

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Ohloh and the Long Tail

We have always felt that Ohloh indexes the most important open source projects. Recognizing that “most important” is a subjective qualifier, we recently decided to alter our policy to simply index all open source projects. To achieve this, we’ve deployed a crawler to fetch the “very long tail” of less-visible open source projects. Our crawler […]

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Google Code And Ohloh Gadgets – A Yummy Flavor!

We’ve got 2 exciting announcements regarding Google Code and Ohloh. Ohloh Gadgets Firstly, as announced on Google Code’s Blog, you can now embed Gadgets in your Google Code Wiki – and, more specifically, Ohloh Widgets. Ohloh Widgets are a great way to enhance your project community. Here’s some gadget examples for CakePHP: Development Stats Community […]

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New Ohloh Download Service

As some projects have already noticed, we’ve added a download service to Ohloh. The bits are securely stored and geo-distributed on a top-notch CDN. You also get the logs to who’s downloaded your bits – all for free. Interested? You can try it out right now, read the FAQ, or mail us for more info.

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Git User’s Survey 2008 Announced

ED: Unfortunately these resources are no longer online. The good folks who bring us Git have announced the Git User’s Survey 2008. If you are a Git user, I encourage you to take a moment to give them your input. The survey is open until September 10. The results of the 2006 and 2007 surveys […]

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Database Maintenance Update

We had to perform some critical database maintenance yesterday. The good news is that all Ohloh services are now back online. Also, the database updates should yield better performance for the ohloh website. The bad news is that it required rolling back our database to our last backup, which resulted in losing a few hours […]

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