A Nice Problem To Have

We’ve been busy cooking up a big update to Ohloh. In fact, we were going to deploy it today. However, that would have been a bad idea. You see, our servers are currently busy being slashdotted. Once this quiets down, we’ll release.

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Ohloh Goes Open Source

We’re very happy to announce that Ohloh is going open source. The first piece of technology to be released is Ohcount, the source code line counter that powers the Ohloh reporting engine. Ohcount is available for immediate download from Ohloh Labs, our new developer website dedicated to the Ohloh source code. We plan to release […]

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Privacy and KudoRank

I’ve been engaged in an interesting discussion on another blog. Initially there was an assertion that Ohloh violates FOSS developers’ privacy. I (and others) responded with the following basic arguments: 1. Transparency is one of the strengths of FOSS. 2. This is publicly available information that people publish freely on the Internet. 2. If you […]

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Scheduled Maintenance

Ohloh will be offline Saturday, December 8 for server maintenance. Work will begin at 9AM Pacific, and should be complete by 6PM. We’re making some hardware changes that should allow us to give better service, with less downtime in the future. Thanks for your patience and support, Robin

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More Project Widgets

We just released more project widgets. Here’s an example for Firefox. Feel free to embed to your heart’s content. We’ll likely focus on account-related widgets next. We’re thinking of widgets that show your stack, for example. More suggestions are always welcome.

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New Subversion Downloader

Beginning today, we’re trying out a new method of importing Subversion repositories. We’ll be using this new method on a limited number of projects, and as the code proves itself we’ll gradually phase it in for all Subversion projects. If you see an enlistment on your project marked “Subversion (Sync Beta)”, then your project is […]

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Database Restore

We had an extended power outage at our datacenter Sunday morning. As a result, we had to restore our database from a previous backup. All website edits from 10PM Saturday to 8AM Sunday (U.S. Pacific time) were lost, and will need to be re-entered. This includes project additions, forum posts, and account edits. We’re sorry […]

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The World’s Oldest Source Code Repositories

Most software doesn’t survive very long. The hard truth is that more than 80% of the open source software being written today will be forgotten in a few years. For those projects that do succeed and thrive, the developers typically decide at some point that they need a new source control system. For many reasons […]

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Notifications beta announcement

The first set of Ohloh email notifications is available. You may sign-up to receive email when someone responds to a forum post you made or when you get a new kudo. In the future, we plan to add notifications for a variety of things, for instance, changes to projects, particularly when a new download and […]

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Ohloh API Beta

The first release of the Ohloh API is now available. You can read the documentation and sign up on the API page. We’re releasing early to get as much feedback as possible. This is a very early beta with limited functionality. The API is a work in progress, and we will be actively expanding the […]

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