New Feature: Email Invites

Help your friends and colleagues find and claim their open source contributions. If you’re a registered Ohloh user and contributor to an open source project, we want your help. You probably have friends who also contributed to open source but haven’t claimed their contribution yet. If so, please invite them to join Ohloh. To make […]

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New Feature: Missing Repositories

Ohloh generates reports by crawling a project’s source code repository. The vast majority of open source projects make this publicly available. However there are some cases where they either don’t make it available or where they happen to use software that Ohloh doesn’t support yet. It’s now possible to indicate these distinctions for projects that […]

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New Feature: missing repositories.

I was shamed into writing a new feature today. Someone asked me why we didn’t have reports available for sendmail and eMule. The underlying reason is that these projects don’t appear to offer public access to their source code repositories. However, instead of disclosing this fact intelligently, Ohloh simply showed a blank report. I’ve now […]

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Wei?d Characters

I’m a little sheepish to admit that we had a really dumb bug in Ohloh. We had omitted to set the character-set in our html. The mechanics are mostly boring , but it simply meant that most non-english users had to suffer with strange characters in their names or posts. So why am I publicly […]

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Code Search?

We added ‘suggest a feature’ last week . It’s an anonymous web form to suggest features to Ohloh. The response has been great – many to thank to all who’ve contributed ideas. I noticed some of the suggestions are requests for features Ohloh already supports. While it’s slightly frustrating to read, I very much appreciate […]

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My latest kudo explained

I just checked in the new Experience feature tonight (Ohloh now enables people to fill out their software development profile in a much richer way than before). To make sure the deployment went smoothly I snooped the database to watch for the first users to use the new functionality. The dubious honour of being the […]

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New! Account Widgets

As part of our effort to create more embeddable content, we’ve created widgets for accounts. Here’s a sample: The example is one of my widgets (no jokes about my lame stats please). We also have 2 other widgets, which are smaller. You can check out all the available badges by going to the account widgets […]

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Ohloh Partners with CollabNet

We announced a partnership with CollabNet this morning. We’re making our metrics available to visitors to the various forges CollabNet hosts. So now when you visit OpenCollabNet or Tigris you can see Ohloh metrics on those forges, like this entry for Subversion. Over the coming weeks you’ll see Ohloh metrics on other forges hosted by […]

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Feature Preview: Language Graphs

We’re developing a series of interactive graphs to let you explore language trends. Our first graph shows commit activity over time. More graphs are coming soon; we’d love your feedback on what you’d find most valuable on this thread.

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New Feature: Contributor Aliases

In response to numerous requests, we’re pleased to announce a new feature we call contributor aliases. This feature allows you to join two or more different spellings of a developer’s name into a single preferred spelling. The merged names will then be represented as a single person in the Ohloh statistics report. This feature is […]

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