A ContributorLanguageFact contains a selection of Language-specific statistics about a single person who commited source code to a Project.

One ContributorFact record exists for each Language used by a contributor.

The ContributorLanguageFact is very similar to a ContributorFact. The difference is that a ContributorLanguageFact contains statistics for a particular Language only, while a ContributorFact contains summary statistics across all languages used by the contributor.

A ContributorLanguageFact is part of an Analysis, and is derived from lower-level statistics contained within the Analysis. New ContributorLanguageFacts are created for each Project contributor whenever a new Analysis is created for the Project.

ContributorLanguageFacts only exist after Ohloh has downloaded and analyzed the project source code.

The unique ID for the Analysis which provided the source data for this ContributorFact.
The ID for the person who contributed the code measured in this ContributorLanguageFact. The contributor_id is not globally unique. It is derived from the author name found in the source control server log, and is unique within the scope of an individual project only.
The name used by the author of this code when committing to the source control server.
The unique ID of the Language measured.
The nice_name of the Language measured.
The fraction of new lines added by this contributor in this language which are comments. Note that Ohloh does not track the net lines of current code attributable to an specific individual. This statistic merely sums over all new lines added, and does not consider whether the added lines were later removed by this contributor or any other.
The total number of calendar months in which this contributor made at least one commit using this Language. Months in which there was no activity in this Language for this contributor are not counted.
The total number of commits made in this Language by this contributor.
Considering only months in which this contributor made at least one commit in this Language, this is the median number of commits in a single month in this Language by this contributor.
Collection URL

To get a list of all ContributorLanguageFacts for a particular contributor, based on the lastest Analysis for a Project:


This is the same URL used to obtain a ContributorFact. The ContributorFact returned by this call will include within it a collection of ContributorLanguageFacts.