A SizeFact is a pre-computed collection of statistics about Project source code. It provides monthly running totals of lines of code, commits, and developer effort.

SizeFacts contain the running totals of ActivityFacts.

A SizeFact is derived from lower-level statistics contained in an Analysis. SizeFacts are updated whenever a Project is re-analyzed.

SizeFacts are availabled only after Ohloh has downloaded and analyzed the project source code.

Indicates the month covered by this SizeFact. Only the year and month fields are significant. This SizeFact record includes all development activity that occured during this month.
The total net lines of code, excluding comments and blanks, as of the end of this month.
The total net lines of comments as of the end of this month.
The total net blank lines as of the end of this month.
The fraction of net lines which are comments as of the end of this month.
The cumulative total number commits to the project source control, including this month.
The cumulative total months of effort expended by all contributors on this project, including this month. For instance, if 1 contributor has worked for 3 months and 2 developers have each worked for 5 months, man_months will be 13. This is the running total of the ActivityFact contributors property.
Collection URL

To get all SizeFacts for a particular Analysis:


If you do not know the ID of the current best Analysis for a Project, you can use the following shortcut:


The call returns one SizeFact for each month, starting at the first month in which any code exists, and ending at the month in which Ohloh last created a new Analysis for this Project. Typically, the collection ends at the current month, but if the Project has not been re-analyzed in a while, the collection may end sooner.

The results cannot be paginated or filtered. Results are sorted chronologically.